What We Provide

Supporting individuals to ‘live a more independent life’ which is achieved through delivering high quality and supporting individuals to exercise their personal choice, control and maintain their independence, dignity, quality of life in the comfort of a home of their choice.

Supported Living

Supported living is where we support you to live in a home of your choice. You will have a tenancy agreement with a landlord or housing association which we will support you to understand your rights and responsibilities as a tenant.

In some cases, you may share your home with other individuals where you share the communal areas, but you will always have your own private bedroom and privacy. Where you share your home, we will support you to share the costs of running the house with your housemates.

Thinkempathy will complete a comprehensive assessment of needs to ensure we can offer you the right support to maximise your independence and potential. The information will be transferred to your support plans to ensure you are supported according to your choices and decisions and we will carry out risk assessments to ensure any identified risks are managed effectively. You will be consulted throughout according to your capacity and where you may struggle with decisions any restrictions will be referred to your social worker and court of protection.

Thinkempathy will guide you on your benefit entitlements to ensure you can meet your household bill commitments, you will also be expected to pay your own bills, buy your own food and provisions.

Thinkempathy will support you to access work, college, leisure, and social activities and be a part of your local community whilst supporting your choices and aspirations. Thinkempathy will support both your physical and mental health needs. We want to ensure you are getting all the support required from medical professionals and support you to attend required appointments.

The support you receive will be reviewed and monitored throughout to ensure your needs are met and we are achieving positive outcomes for you as an individual.

Our Care Workers

With the ongoing leadership of the management team, Thinkempathy team of care staff are dedicated to supporting adults 18 Plus, all ages with learning disabilities & associated diagnosis, whatever their ability in a home of their choice. Our care team consists of sensitive, compassionate and highly trained individuals, experienced in delivering care and support that is tailored to the specific needs of our clients. To achieve this, we will ensure that your personal care plan is closely matched based on us recruiting staff to support your individual needs, and we will ensure all our staff are trained and experienced with the right level of skills / experience required to support these needs.
Prior to commencing employment with Thinkempathy Limited, all new care staff go through an extensive selection process. This includes a stringent checking and vetting procedure which incorporates face-to-face interviews, reference checks and an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check (formerly the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check). When selecting these individuals, we look for:

Training & Development

Prior to delivering any care, all our care & administration staff undergo a period of induction training to ensure they are equipped with the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to support our clients. Induction training is in line with the skills for care of the clients and regulated care we provide. All training is monitored for benchmarking and quality and provided by a reputable care sector training agency and our in-house train the trainer staff member. The list covers all categories and clients needs but also has to include our basic training which includes:

Each staff member will then spend time shadowing an experienced senior member of staff to ensure competency and highlight any additional training gaps.

After completing Induction training, staff are then supported to undertake training in specialist areas of care, including but not limited to:

Learning Disability, Aspergers, Autism, Dementia, Alzheimer’s and Mental Health
Recognition/understanding of ethnic priorities: culture/religion/race/gender/life-styles;
Physical Disabilities/Multiple Sclerosis/Parkinson’s/Cerebral Palsy Palliative Care/Death & Bereavement

Our in-house training can also be tailored to training specific needs or access external training support if required, via our training providers.


Please only book an appointment or complete our referral form if you have authorisation from the funding authority or the person who funds the care of the vulnerable adult.

    (We are happy to call outside of work hours up to 7pm, including weekends).

    Opening Hours

    Please contact our out of hours number 07428 448144

    *We do not accept client admission at weekends.

    CQC Registered Care Provider

    Providing specialist care for adults with learning disabilities and associated diagnosis. CQC ID: 1-7130251039